Book Promotion Services

We help authors and publishers from India and abroad to promote their books through our various social media platforms. We have a combined following of more than 30000 fans in our various social media channels of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus and Instagram. Our social media following is spread evenly across different countries of the world from India, US to Europe.

With our book promotion services, you not only can save time, but you can also count on the reach. Our rates are very attractive. The campaign budget will be specified by you. After defining your goals with us, we take care of all the necessary activities of preparation of the media and posting them as per your requirements.

Here are our social media links and the number of fans:

Instagram - - 2200

Facebook - - 3600

Twitter - - 5200

Google Plus - - 17,000

Pinterest - - 2200

Youtube - - 240

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