Inkredia Book Review

Inkredia, Luwan of Brida by Sarang Mahajan is a fantasy book filled with creativity and enriched with pages of imagination where humans and nonhumans breathe together in balance, as a seventeen-year-old boy has to make an intrepid choice simply to discover that his danger is far grander than his calculations.

Luwan discovers himself in a momentous danger as the settlement that kept him anodyne all these years can't guard him any longer. Either he can stop and perish or he can go into the precarious domain outside and take an expedition to a conurbation that will save him and his sister.

Nonetheless, that is a virtuous gamble as this expedition itself can eradicate him and as he sets out, he heads into an enigmatic new adversary of an ensemble of well-known murderers that are commonly sent to bring down kinsmen of inordinate command.

Luwan is oblivious why they are after his head, but they don't offer him the indulgence to discover a response to that query. He is flung into…

Fables from India Book Review

Fables from India: A Collection of Short Stories by Uday Mane is inspired by the heritage of India and is aimed primarily at children with a universe full of kings and animals, which since the dawn of time punctuates the search for the meaning of life on earth, of the alternation of the seasons, the feelings and passions of the human soul and the perpetual conflict between the forces of good and evil.

I was driven by a significant curiosity about the new and unusual stories. The question I was raised to mind were how will this book compare to the traditional fables? Will it also have the typical tales to tell around the campfire? Who will be the protagonists of these adventures?

The book is composed of tales that tell about a poor farmer torn between resurrecting his wife and upholding his duties to a very wealthy King's negligence costing the Prince his eyes, while another want to cut down a fruit laden tree for justice. Other times we meet a jester living two lives, to a boy i…

My Jiffies Book Review

My Jiffies, Narration of Moments, Unadulterated and Unpackaged by Priyanka Sharma Kaintura is the fruit of a young authors pen to depict the symphony of life through the tales and verses and attempts to be a sweet companion, which eases loneliness and suffering in a tasty backdrop of the conditions that accompanies our whole existence.

We could compare itself to a menu and it is thanks to the themes chosen by the writer that we can peek into the lives of other men and women, who are just like us, who at times are searching for the true love or who are confused, disillusioned or are hopeful.

Some of the protagonists of the book is, in fact, the dark side of the man and of course the woman, who behind the apparent, ordered respectability or overt bonhomie conceals treachery, deception and perversion. But the author is sympathetic and never condemns really, but on the contrary, try a little indulgence for everyone, even the most unpleasant ones are narrated with ruthless humor, and pl…

The Rude Tenderness of Our Hearts Book Review

The Rude Tenderness of Our Hearts by Saket Suryesh tell the stories that are dearest to us, because the emotions fully emerged, as to affirm humanity and be heard much from heart, to feel and understand the sense of artistic and human experience. The book is intimate which consequently become absolutely universal and deeply human.

Surrender to the fairy-tale of human temperaments with diverse perceptions from a fellow in love to a Spartan man in lamentation after losing his dearest, to a modern guy imprisoned in business competition to a combatant decapitated in the Indo-Pakistan border.

Actually I should not talk about it as a book, but of short stories full of sound and voice, which on the other side is also very different in style and content, whose glue seems to be the ability to take us somewhere else, to allow the reader to move into a space of fantasy, imagination and memory, to offer the knowledge that we are incomplete beings, who are fragile and that creativity can turn the…

Quarter Life Crisis Book Review

Quarter Life Crisis by Anshuk Attri invites you to become aware of your own lives and to be careful in your actions. What happens when a boy of just 23 years discovers that his girlfriend is pregnant? The answer is in this book, a story to explain the way teenagers react in these cases.

The one narrated in the book is the story of Prachur, a boy who has just crossed his teens who loves life and spends his time with his best friend Neera. Together they have fun and face everyday life happily that leads them to have a relationship and that will be fatal as Neera soon discovers she is pregnant. The two must learn to fight together for life.

Since that day they had to face the problems of society without knowing what is best and who to contact for help. For Neera the biggest challenge is to live next to a boy who is becoming a man. Because what at first was only an innocent friendship, moment by moment turns into an attraction that binds them increasingly inextricably.

I admired the st…

Rafflesia Book Review

Rafflesia, The Banished Princess by Gautam is an introspective novel and psychologically is a journey into the human psyche, where the truth is hidden in the most secluded corners that often remain enigmatic.

The novel is about a very strong emotional bond, of inestimable value, which at least once has probably broken in the lives of all of us that binds us to our friends and in particular those of all time of the accomplices who have grown with us, with whom we shared the most important moments of our existence, whether good or bad.

The book begins with Appu through the years of adolescence, whose character is made of light-heartedness, transgressions and complicity. I appreciated the way in which the author presents the world of adolescence where everything is seen through the lens of youth with hopes, desires, dreams, freedom and the want to feel emotions.

Then as Appu grows up and moves on across India and abroad, it turns out that life is like a canvas on which there are beau…

Radha Book Review

Radha by Leena Saldanha is a classical collection of poems that depict the most intense moments of the love stories between Radha and Krishna from their meetings, the yearning, the long nights, envy, nostalgia, the desires and confidence that hold disenchanted reflections on the world and life

As the multicoloured, shiny pieces of a mosaic, loose verses are the favourite poetic form in India. The book is structured very well with each richly annotated poems and wonderful verses coming from a unique culture that is rich and highly evocative.

The book has a detachment from subjectivity, lightness, a serene impersonal tone of a periodic ritual tormented by the idea of sin and the attempt to find everything what is inside with the supreme synthesis of the lover and the beloved, but that energy moves that go beyond and invest the whole of reality and the cosmos.

For the poet, the loving couple has a chance to make their experience more full and complete with the sacred and profane, soul…